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stainless steel armature & mesh, stool, 3.5 min video loop, archival pearl rag inkjet prints

In 2007 I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury from a severe car accident on the Gold Coast. This Egg represents my healing space where I had to leave the outside world and isolate where I had no visitors, unnecessary sound and slept 18 hours a day, my brain slowly healing. I looked & talked the same, but yet, I was not the “same”.  I started with little ventures outside to gather necessities for survival, these visits slowly increased and my ability to cope with outside activity such as people, talking, traffic, movement, became slowly more doable. The bandaged head interprets the difficult aspect of processing words/conversation, the “unravelling” marks my entry back into the outside, its not the same or will it ever be, but I do see it as golden, epicormic within this egg, my disability has been my initiation into adulthood.

Marion Conrow, 2016

Unravell Egg photo by Ben Wyeth

ARTSTATE Lismore 2017The Re-authoring Impulse and Decade of Catharsis  NRCG Ballina 2017 | Bonalbo Arts Show 2017

Thanks to Create NSW 


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